A place for learning by doing

The RoboHouse team and its network of experts and industry partners believe that we need a new research and development practice to answer one of the most current questions in cognitive robotics and society: ‘How can we learn to create the world’s most vibrant and attractive workplaces?’

We have created an industrial environment on the TU Delft Campus designed to encourage learning by doing, where innovative organisations, SMEs and talented individuals can develop and test their robotics applications in a variety of settings and contexts. Such as for example a mini-supermarket.

Equal, open and transdisciplinary

As robots and intelligent systems are starting to leave the closely controlled environments of factory floors and enter the real world of working people, there is a risk that the entire workplace will become more unequal and machine-like. This is not unlikely, given the difficulties that machines have with adapting to the variety and liveliness of the world. But it would also be unfortunate.

Resolving these future tensions is at the heart of what we do. Our community aims to develop ways of working that are good for both people and robots at the individual, organisational and societal level. And we plan to succeed by creating working labs: safe-to-fail physical spaces centred around a specific work context where robot developments and the study of social processes can occur simultaneously. Some also call them: spaces of the possible.

FRAIM: Shaping the future of work

FRAIM is a transdisciplinary research and innovation centre, based in Robohouse, which we co-founded in 2021. The insights provided by FRAIM are aimed towards understanding and shaping the future of work, where technical, organizational, and psychological innovation play a crucial role in supporting working conditions and processes. FRAIM combines innovation sprints with long-term transdisciplinary knowledge to develop a future of physical work that is meaningful, just and viable – with and for workers.

Robotics community

The result of all this is a flourishing robotics community around Delft University of Technology. A region that attracts the best researchers, companies, start-ups and capital and takes a leading role in the development of the next generation robotics.

Interested in coming on board? Have a look at membership and also current career options in our community. RoboValley, the non-profit foundation that sustains RoboHouse, is an equal opportunity employer committed to not discriminate against any employee or job applicant because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, physical or mental disability, age or genetic information.