RoboHouse is one of the twelve fieldlabs of Delft University of Technology, located at the TU Delft Campus. Als a fieldlab, RoboHouse plays a crucial role in accelerating technological innovations. Specifically in innovations of robots that interact with humans in a way that is beneficial to humans. Robots for a better society.

Bridge between science and industry

To accelerate technological innovations, RoboHouse functions as a bridge between science and the industry. We do this by:

Collaborating with businesses through innovation projects
RoboHouse collaborates with businesses to help them innovating. Students, startups and scientists can also be part of these innovation projects. Learning by doing is key in our way of working, just as actively involving employees in testing and decision-making. We focus on prototype development. We don’t produce end products.

Businesses are innovating on different levels. Therefore we offer the opportunity to learn more about robotics and AI technologies in different ways. Through the subsidized innovation program MKBdoet, supported by Digitalzh, we organize brainstorm sessions with companies from the same industry or we create an action plan for a single company.

Community building
RoboHouse provides a community building for startups to settle and working labs for scientists to do their research. We support in accelerating their innovations to market, by giving access to testing facilities and a network of businesses, startups, scientists, students and governments.

RoboHouse has built a community of businesses, startups, scientists, students and governments. Everyone is welcome at our monthly community event RoboCafé and at business events such as Robots in Business, where we share successful innovation projects and showcase the latest robotics technologies.

Collaboration with FRAIM

RoboHouse collaborates strongly with research and innovation centre FRAIM. We support FRAIM with both our innovation expertise as well as our fieldlab activities and network. FRAIM is a consortium of scientists from various universities and disciplines and a group of innovation experts. Together they focus on shaping the future of physical work with and for workers, integrating pragmatic expertise, innovation expertise and academic expertise.

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