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Robots and workers learn from each other

RoboHouse offers a range of workshops, courses and practical programmes for improving the way that humans and robots work together.

Demand for better people-machine collaboration is growing, as a range of robotics technologies are close to commercialisation. Think of robots that can handle a variety of unknown objects, and work side-by-side with humans in factories. How can these technologies improve working life?

We are a place on the TU Delft Campus where high-end robotics solutions for organisations are being developed, often by people who would normally not work together in this fashion. Because we have found that only shared experience can forge a genuinely new reality in the workplace.

We actively pursue diversity and surprise. Our Test Centre and facilities are independent and open to all researchers, developers, workers and innovators with an interest in the future of work.

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Next Step

RoboHouse offers a range of programmes for innovators of all shapes and sizes. Work is never static. There is always more. Always a next step towards more wellbeing and more productivity. Our Next Step programme helps you grow your impact on the future of work. Always in a practical environment, surrounded by people and robots who are keen to collaborate.

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Want full access to the latest robotic technologies? Want to learn the new language of human-machine collaboration? As a RoboHouse member you have direct access to the latest technologies and workplace practices. Take full advantage of our facilities and become part of a vibrant cognitive robotics community.

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RoboHouse is a fieldlab enabled by the non-profit RoboValley foundation. Do you want to know how we are shaping the future of work?

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