Machine learning is enabling new robotic applications. The developments of the last decades create the opportunities to let robots work on more complicated tasks and unstructured environments. They can work faster, more accurately, 24/7 and improve safety for your employees by executing (potentially) dangerous tasks.

Understand the possibilities that the latest robotics technologies offer. Join a hands-on session at RoboHouse to experience their opportunities and limitations. Use these insights to recognise how robotics can improve your processes.

16:00       Walk-in
16:30       Tour through RoboHouse
17:00       Presentation: The beginning of robotics, current developments and future opportunities.
17:45       Pizza break
18:00       Get started with Machine Learning
18:30       Program an AIY Vision-kit
19:00       RoboHouse Canvas: Discover how to automate a process
19:30       Discuss key take-aways
20:00       Drinks

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16:00 – 20:30
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