Just us. is an event where members from the RoboHouse community every two months learn skills from other members. In July we had a workshop about pitching, facilitated by Thibaud Verschoor. Most recently, Valerio Carpani hosted a session about customer management.

Nounou is a Design Thinking Consultant and an aspiring entrepreneur, founder of Mirrari. She has a background in Industrial Design Engineering and has experience in Strategic Innovation Management. In this Visual Thinking workshop, she will give you the skill to convey any abstract message into simple yet powerful drawings, to increase the success of your message getting across to your team, your business partners, and your valuable customers.

Date and location:
– Friday March 4, 2022. 15:30 – 17:00 @RoboHouse EXPO
– Walk in starts at 15:15.
– Drinks will follow at 17:00.

“We could have invited the world’s best account manager. And then have a great workshop. But it would have been quiet afterwards,” says Casper. “After Just us in July, people were buzzing. It’s not just about pitching. It’s about feeling you can approach each other.”

15:30 – 17:00
EXPO @ RoboHouse Delft