Due to the recent developments regarding the COVID-19 virus, we are unfortunately forced to postpone the upcoming RoboCafé: AgTech Institute until further notice. We hope for your understanding and we will let you know as soon as possible when we welcome AgTech Institute at our RoboCafé. For now: stay safe!

Original announcement:

RoboCafé is back in its original physical format, in the EXPO of RoboHouse in Delft. With a drink, bite and gathering of our wayward community. For all of us interested in work, robotics, AI and people-machine collaboration.

Martin Mul, as Business Developer for TU Delft AgTech Institute, aims for a strong, competitive and sustainable agriculture ecosystem by connecting research and industry. After attaining a MSc in Aerospace Engineering, he worked for eight years at an subsidy consultancy firm attracting public funding for innovation projects in the high tech industry.

TU Delft AgTech Institute aims to contribute to innovation in AgriFood technology. It will help to bring engineering knowledge and expertise to the technological challenges of the necessary transition in AgriFood. With support of five TU Delft faculties, and partners such as Rabobank, Innovation Quarter and the Dutch Topsectors Horticulture and Starting Material and Agrifood, the institute has the ambition to build a strong, coherent and complimentary research portfolio.

It also builds on several large research programs (4TU Plantenna, 4TU Pride & Prejudice, Flexcraft, Synergia) and an impressive resume of public-private partnerships with leading companies. In addition, the institute participates in various triple helix associations, through which ties will be strengthened with (local) governments, businesses and other knowledge institutions to give direction to collective and individual research, development and education agendas. Through this extensive network, the institute creates added value by acting both internally and externally as a point of contact for expertise in the AgriFood domain.


17:00 Welcome, have a drink and snack
17:15 Enjoy the presentation of Martin
17:35 Networking & drinks
18:30 End of RoboCafé

Previous edition featured Aimée Sakes, assistant professor at the faculty of BioMechanical Engineering at Delft University of Technology, talked about the relation between technology and patient experience. Aimée did a lot of research into bio-inspired technology and her devices will be used during real treatments. Generally, her passion is to develop innovative medical instruments using inspiration from nature.

23/11/2021 – 23/11/2021
17:00 – 18:30
RoboHouse EXPO