Are you interested in work, cognitive robotics and people-machine collaboration? RoboCafé is a low key event in the EXPO of RoboHouse in Delft.

This edition features Jeroen Oskam and Tom Dalhuisen. Jeroen is Director Research Centre at Hotelschool The Hague, which is becoming the go-to provider of innovative and practical research insights for the international hospitality industry. Jeroen will explain how the school seeks to answer essential questions: What does it mean to be hospitable? What is the future of hospitality? How is hospitality changing?

Then we will peek at a possible future in hospitality. Tom Dalhuisen is a freelance robotics & mechatronics engineer and founder of Dalco Robotics.  He will showcase a generation robot for the catering industry: Rober.


17:00 Welcome! Have a drink and snack
17:30 Enjoy presentation by Jeroen and Tom
18:00 Discussions, networking & drinks
19:00 End of RoboCafé

Previously on RoboCafé we welcomed Max Spahn, PhD candidate Mobile Manipulation in Dynamic Environments, and a prolific member of the AirLab team. Mobile manipulation is a hot topic in the R&D community. Robots that can physically intervene their environment are being deployed in many areas, such as space exploration, military operation and healthcare. But industry uptake has so far been sluggish, despite surging demand for intelligent and flexible automation since the pandemic.

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17:00 – 19:00
RoboHouse EXPO