RoboCafé is back in physical form, in the EXPO of RoboHouse in Delft. With a drink, bite and gathering of all people interested in work, cognitive robotics and people-machine collaboration.

This edition features Max Spahn, PhD candidate Mobile Manipulation in Dynamic Environments, and a prolific member of the AirLab team. At the moment mobile manipulation is a hot topic in the R&D community. Robots that can physically intervene their environment are already being deployed in many areas, such as space exploration, military operation and healthcare. But in industry the uptake has been lagging, although demand for intelligent and flexible automation has spiked since the pandemic.


17:00 Welcome! Have a drink and snack
17:30 Enjoy Max’s presentation
17:50 Discussions, networking & drinks
18:30 End of RoboCafé

Previously on RoboCafé we welcomed the co-founder of Samotics, a gifted team with a mission to eliminate unplanned downtime. Samotics recently raised €14.5m in a funding round led by 83NORTH, a venture capital firm based in London and Tel Aviv.

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17:00 – 19:00
Julianalaan 67, Delft