Back in 2021, SenseGlove announced a new version of haptic force-feedback gloves designed specifically for professional VR training purposes: the SenseGlove Nova. Coming July 11th, the SenseGlove team is celebrating the launch of Nova 2.

SenseGlove develops force feedback gloves that enable professionals to feel virtual objects and interact with them more efficiently. SenseGlove enables lifelike interactions, allowing to feel size, stiffness and resistance of virtual objects. Unlike controllers, the gloves allow you to hold, push, touch, connect and squeeze the virtual like it’s real.

Due to the success of the glove, a second version is launched: the Nova 2. The SenseGlove team, including co-founder and CPO of SenseGlove, Gijs den Butter would like to celebrate this success and present their new glove during the event.

Come celebrate the success of the SenseGlove team with some drinks on June 11th at the RoboHouse Expo. There are limited spots available. Register now to secure your place.

18:00 – 21:00
Julianalaan 67, Delft