Province of Zuid-Holland is allocating a subsidy of €1.5m from the REACT EU fund for enhancing enterprise in the region, with the help of digitalisation and robotisation. The subsidy is rewarded to the ‘Werk Werkt!’-project, a collaboration between RoboHouse, Ahold Delhaize, Heineken Supply Chain, TNO, TU Delft and MKB Nederland.

Europe’s real-life testing ground for innovation

The province of Zuid-Holland is one of Europe’s top regions in terms of economic and social potential: an innovative metropolitan delta, comprising mainport Rotterdam, greenports for vegetables, flower bulbs and trees, knowledge-intensive businesses, universities and knowledge institutes, as well as highly urbanised, rural, agricultural and recreational areas, and nature.

Zuid-Holland strives to become Europe’s real-life testing ground for innovation in the circular and digital economy, reliable and clean transport, the protection of a densely populated delta against river and sea water, and the challenges related to feeding our cities.

Digitalisation and robotisation SMEs

Digitalisation and robotisation are crucial for big and small businesses in Zuid-Holland. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted vulnerabilities in current work processes, and presented opportunities for change. Cognitive robotics and the digital transition could contribute to healthier, more productive and more resilient work practices in the future.

Project ‘Werk Werkt!’

Project Werk Werkt! is a collaboration between corporations, knowledge institutes and SMEs, with special emphasis on ship-building, manufacturing and medical technology. The parties are going to establish three demonstration sites around each theme; places where physical work processes can be improved, tested and scaled for further implementation using robotics and digital technology.


Future of work fieldlab RoboHouse will take the lead in project ‘Werk Werkt!’, deploying its expertise in driving a community towards practical collaboration and the actual demonstration of innovation. At its facilities on TU Delft Campus, RoboHouse will be connecting and integrating the expertise and talent of its community members – engineers, researchers, students, workers and entrepreneurs in cognitive robotics – with the project partners (Ahold Delhaize, Heineken Supply Chain, TNO, TU Delft en MKB Nederland).


Many Small and Medium Enteprises (SMEs) are facing the challenge of succesfully participating in the transition towards a digital economy. The opportunities are great, but the COVID-19 pandemic also makes it extra difficult to move forward. How to innovate, when you are struggling to stay afloat? Practical demonstrations and sharing best practices with networks in Zuid-Holland may help. The €1.5m subsidy comes from REACT EU (Recovery Assistance for Cohesion and the Territories of Europe). REACT EU is one of the largest EU programmes of its kind, amounting to €50.6bn, and is part of Europe’s €750bn corona recovery fund ‘Next Generation EU’.

RoboHouse on TU Delft Campus. FOTO GUUS SCHOONEWILLE