After three online episodes earlier this summer, RoboCafé is back on Tuesday 8 September with a live gathering that we are also streaming via the internet. So you will have a choice: either attend in person, or join us from behind your screen.

As always, we bring you a personal story straight from the cutting edge of robotics development. David Abbink, professor in Haptic Human-Robot Interaction at TU Delft, will share how a life filled with educating, traveling, philosophy, mythology, cooking and art has informed his vision on technology.

David will explain that humans and robots should understand each other’s behaviour, in order to work in symbiosis. Then, after a round of questions, we are going to indulge in some new-fashioned schmoozing. There will be drinks and nibbles.

Professor David Abbink was voted best teacher of the BioMechanical Engineering department for 7 consecutive years.

Due to limits on the number of people that may physically attend in a safe manner, we will work on a first come, first served basis.

Interested in learning how to participate in a COVID-responsible fashion? Please get in touch with our community manager Casper. RoboCafé takes place in RoboHouse fieldlab on the TU Delft Campus. This 90 minutes event is an informal get-together for all of us interested in robotics, AI and people-machine collaboration.

8 September, 17:30 – 19:00: Save the date for this edition!