Master’s students have already been spotted at RoboHouse, after the new MSc Robotics launched in September at Delft University of Technology with a video, a news article and many happy faces.

The new Master’s degree programme wants to train the robot engineers of the future. Students are going to develop a wide range of skills at the intersection of mechanical engineering, artificial intelligence, systems integration, business administration and personal development, alongside the ‘normal’ technical skills.

Joost de Winter, senior lecturer and researcher in Cognitive Human-Robot Interaction, is the Master coordinator. His most recent vision story is packed with insights: “The robot of the future is intelligent and can make its own decisions in a dynamic, evolving environment.”

Also part of this environment: students enrolled in the Minor Robotics that also started in September, with 8 assignments for 8 different companies. Demo day is scheduled for 21 January 2020.