The sense of anticipation in RoboHouse could be felt – after all these real robots had been built for real customers with real problems to solve. Would Stockbot manage to transport crates of fruit and veg from the stock room to the front of store without upsetting the apple cart? And what about Bottle Filling robot? Could this robotic arm really deal with the process of retrieving a bottle from a box, applying a label, unscrewing a cap, filling the bottle, sealing it and finally, putting it back in its box?

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The demo day is the annual highlight of the minor Robotics, an educational programme in which student teams from different disciplines work on a robot for five months, with all the challenges that come with it. This year eight different teams worked on a robot, commissioned by a client. In many cases the robots had to solve a concrete problem. Below an impression of the event.

For more information about this year’s projects, please visit Minor Robotics 2019-2020.