ROS is rapidly becoming the standard for programming robots. It started off in academia as an open source project. Today ROS is increasingly being adopted by the researchers and developers in companies who want to be able to create robots for specific applications without having to reinvent the software wheel or be tied to a proprietary system.

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ROS takes the best pieces of software needed to control a robotic system and combines them in a flexible framework. As a ROS trainer and TU Delft robotics lecturer, Martin Klomp, explains: “When you programme a robot, you have to run multiple processes in parallel. When a robot receives an input in one sensor it has to react straight away, while also paying attention to its other sensors. The ROS framework is a really good and accessible way of programming for this.”

Over the course of two days, participants can expect to become familiar with the ROS-Industrial package. After an initial introduction by Martin, they will get hands-on with with the software in simulation and finally, with RoboHouse’s real robots.

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