Perciv AI puts up shop in RoboHouse

Start-up co-founded by TU Delft's first robotics engineer graduate wants to offer machine perception solutions for automotive, robotics, surveillance, and more. RoboHouse will be its home base.


Demo Day coming up in RoboHouse

Always wanted to create a robot from scratch? That is exactly what TU Delft minor students have done these past five months. On Friday 27 January you can see their work in action.


When a professor meets a farmer

There's a clear need for technology in farming but its problems are systemic, finds a critical design professor when she visits a flower bulb farmer. Watch this new episode of FRAIM in the Field.


Can robots invent tools like our ancient ancestors did?

TU Delft and partners from four different countries combine archaeology and robotics to shed light on the question of awareness.


SenseGlove wins Innovation Top 100

The SenseGlove 'robotic hand' makes it possible to feel the size, stiffness and resistance of virtual objects. Unlike controllers, SenseGlove allows the user to hold, push, touch, connect and squeeze the virtual like it is real.


SHE LEADS expected to be highlight at GEW Delft

Next week, the Global Entrepreneurship Week is happening on Delft Campus. It is an opportunity for innovators in robotics to engineer the unexpected.


Big step towards tiny autonomous drones

A new study in Nature magazine describes how flying insects and drones know the difference between up and down.


Plug & Play key trend for Cobots

In her first public address Marina Bill, incoming president of the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), highlights ease of use as the way forward for collaborative robotics.


Shelf-stocking robots with independent movement

A robot that helps store employees by moving independently through the supermarket and shelving products. According to cognitive robotics researcher Carlos Hernández Corbato, this may be possible in the future. If we engineer the unexpected.


9 Things You May Not Yet Know About Deep-sea Robotics Firm Lobster

One of the most intriguing RoboHouse residents is Lobster, a robotics firm for underwater survey services. We plunged in and made a listicle about them.


Robot sales surge in Europe, Asia and the Americas

Sales of industrial robots peaked in 2021: a new record of 486,800 units were shipped globally, reports the International Federation of Robotics. Prospects are also rosy for the Dutch market.


Coming up: Kennis Sprint

De eerste MKBdoet kennis sprint voor vakmensen komt eraan. Hoe kun je remote operator support praktisch inzetten? Tijdens dit programma kun je alles vragen. En na 4 tot 6 weken eindig je met antwoorden.


Robot kites test successfully in Caribbean

TU Delft start-up Kitepower has established that energy generation with kites is possible. Now it is launching a crowdfunding project.


What happens after a hackathon

Suppose you emerge with a winning robot after 24 hours of intense robot building.


8 new spaces to meet, gather & co-create

We look forward to welcoming you at the festive opening of our new RoboHouse facilities.

Unforeseen Effects Dossier

How robotics impacts the harbour workers of Rotterdam

Journalism students Destiny de Wit, Loulou Kuster and Laura Iwuchukwu saw the Port of Rotterdam employment numbers and got curious: How are these 385.000 workers affected by robotics? What does their reality look like?


European Robotic Arm activated during spacewalk

An epic development trajectory of more than 20 years is drawing to a close. Space operations engineer Lodewijk Aris has been with it every step of the way.


NEXTdriver graduates from RoboHouse

As NEXTdriver completes its move to a scale-up location on TU Delft Campus, we sit down with Guido Sluijsmans, CEO and co-founder, to reflect on his firm’s transformation.

If you would use this

A radioactive sensory robot: What if you would use this?

Innovations are often used in unexpected ways. How would a waiter at Café LUX in Nijmegen put robot Christine to work? Myrte Nowee investigates.

If you would use this

A backpack for balancing: What if you would use this?

The GyBAR is a robotic backpack with a medical purpose. For people unsettled by strokes and spinal cord injuries. But what could it do for a bicycle courier? Liza Oomens investigates.


Demo Day 2022 Results: full robot overview

The robots of the Minor Robotics 2021-2022 were presented in RoboHouse with live presentations and demonstrations. Here's a full project overview of this high quality edition of Demo Day.


Video series: Inside RoboHouse, partner special

To inspire, this series asks some of our wisest community members for a minute of advice and insight.

Minor Robotics Demo Day Announcement 2025


Here’s the Demo Day 2022 After Movie

An impression of the most exciting day of the year.


‘We are all quick and pragmatic’

Cognitive robotics is not just about performing tasks, it is also the art of improving work processes. So this year's Minor Robotics was graced by a process innovation: TU Delft students teamed up with students from ROC Mondriaan, a school for vocational training. How did they fare?

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