is a spin-off from TU Delft’s Intelligent Vehicles Group focused on “making AI-driven machine perception affordable for all”, by building on its founders experience with different LiDAR and camera sensors, and especially automotive radars from various manufacturers.

As is preparing its move into RoboHouse, the firm already deserves our special attention because of Srimannarayana Baratam, who was first to graduate from the new robotics masters programme on TU Delft.

Perciv AI is the beginning. Srimannarayana Baratam, co-founder

Sriman co-founded the firm with András Pálffy, specialised in radar based perception and low-power computer vision, and Balazs Szekeres, a sofware developer. His personal mission: making traffic in India safer with affordable automotive perception systems.

Sriman says: “On 28 June 2022, I graduated cum laude in MSc Robotics under the supervision of professor Dariu Gavrila and Dr András Pálffy. My research focused on vulnerable user detection using 3+1D imaging radar and monocular camera in urban scenarios. This work is also submitted to a leading conference. Perciv AI is the beginning of my entrepreneurial pursuit.”

Read Srimann’s summer interview with the Delta journal here.

More to follow.