Last April, Gom and RoboHouse joined forces with the aim of gaining insights into how to integrate workers and technology in industrial cleaning work. Through research and experimentation, they seek to create innovative solutions that alleviate physical stress and enhance the overall work experience.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, where industrial cleaning work often results in neck, back, and wrist injuries, the collaboration between Gom and RoboHouse acknowledges that technology, particularly robotics, can play a pivotal role in addressing these challenges.

“95% of our work is physical labor.”
Sefer Topkaya, industrial cleaning employee at Gom.

This collaborative endeavor places the worker at the core of the project. Adopting a worker-centered approach acknowledges that the workers themselves are the experts in their work and work processes. Their invaluable knowledge and insights are vital in researching and shaping the development of effective solutions.

Through inclusive meetings that bring together the industrial cleaning staff, the organization of Gom, and the innovation team of RoboHouse, all parties have the opportunity to voice their thoughts, contributing to a collective learning process. By understanding the practical problems and solutions that arise in their daily working routines, the aim is to come up with ideas for robotics solutions that enhance the work experience without necessarily replacing the worker.

With this collaborative and worker-centered approach to robotics, Gom and RoboHouse aim to have taken a first step towards meaningful changes to the cleaning industry.