Delft Dynamics B.V. is an innovative, high tech company founded in The Netherlands in February 2006. The company is specialized in developing and building robot helicopter systems (drones): small unmanned helicopters and multicopters that can be used as stable, easy to control sensor platforms. This is accomplished by combining computer and sensor technology in a smart way.

Delft Dynamics has more than 12 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of unmanned robot helicopters. Delft Dynamics has provided UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) engineering services to third parties (inspection of e.g. transmission towers and flare-tips), and has developed and manufactured several types of robot helicopters (RH2 ‘Stern’, RH3 ‘Swift’ and RH4 ‘Spyder’). Delft Dynamics has been involved in many national and international RD&T projects together with well-known knowledge institutes and universities.

Arnout de Jong Boris Langendoen Eduard IJsselmuiden Gerwin Voorsluijs