pinXact is a spin-out of Delft University of Technology, founded in December 2017. We are located in RoboValley in Delft, The Netherlands. We are a team of 3 enthusiastic entrepreneurs and engineers; passionate about technology valorization. Our team is experienced in positioning technologies (indoor and outdoor), Internet of Things (IoT), and lean and six sigma quality management techniques.

At pinXact, we believe that Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS) and IoT are two of the main game changer technologies of the future. We provide consultancy and custom-build solutions for indoor/outdoor positioning systems and IoT in healthcare, logistics, and safety and security. Highlight features of our system include real-time indoor positioning, way finding, location-based analytics and intelligence, action flows, geo-fencing, asset tracking, and sensor network. We focus on providing the most advanced indoor positioning system by using innovative technologies to meet customer and market needs.

Usage of the pinXact solution is intuitive although it is complex in its core. Our unique method of technology integration enables us to integrate various technologies to create advanced configurable solutions. Our real-time positioning allows users to track people and objects, indoor and outdoor, with position accuracy of 10 centimeters and 1-2 meters. Thus, we can cover a wide range of applications. Our analytics dashboard helps enterprises to be more efficient and have a more productive work flow.