XOsight B.V. is a drone startup company with roots in the Micro Air Vehicle Lab of Delft university of technology. Its team has deep industry and technological knowledge about the field.

The global commercial drone market is expected to grow from 14 billion USD in 2018 to 43 billion USD in 2025. Drones are popular because they have a wide variety of potential commercial applications, mainly in automated data collection and transportation.However many applications are only viable and scalable if the drones operate fully autonomous without needing an external safety pilot.

The problem is that current drones do not possess this capability due to a lack of situational awareness of their environment. They should instead process their environment in the same way that a human safety pilot would do. One of the areas where drone operations require a large degree of autonomy is the logistics sector. According to a report by ‘ResearchandMarkets’ the global drones for logistics market will have a value of 11 billion USD in 2022 and which will grow to 29 billion USD in 2027 by a CAGR of over 20 percent. Here drones are used for inventory counting in warehouses, as well as for delivery.

XOsight aims to develop drones for logistics which are truly autonomous by giving them advanced situational awareness. This is possible by equipping them with high resolution omnidirectional cameras. The images are then processed in real time by onboard AI driven software to gather high level insights for collision avoidance and navigation, mimicking the tasks of a safety pilot.