Tackling Challenges in the AgriFood Sector

The Netherlands has been a leader in the AgriFood sector for years. We have an enormous amount of knowledge, a strong collaborative mentality and a focus on sustainability. The market is growing significantly, but it also faces increasingly pressing challenges such as climate change, resource depletion, land scarcity, and increasing food demand. To help face these challenges head-on, RoboHouse has set up the AgriFood Greenhouse and Lab, providing innovative environments for the development of agricultural technology.

Our mission? To bring state-of-the-art robotics research together with AgriFood companies and realize new solutions for an efficient and sustainable AgriFood production.

Benefits of Using Our Facilities

  • Conduct small-scale proof-of-concept tests at a fraction of the cost of large-scale renting.
  • Utilize a compact, accessible environment equipped with all necessary tools and expertise.
  • Benefit from high-quality data collection and processing apparatus.
  • Engage with a diverse ecosystem of students, researchers, Hortus Botanicus experts, and businesses.
  • Focus on all types of agriculture, including open field agriculture, greenhouse horticulture, and food processing.

The AgriFood Greenhouse

Nestled in the historical Hortus Botanicus gardens of Delft, we have set up a greenhouse space. The facility provides realistic validation testbeds, and allows researchers, students, businesses and startups alike to work in an environment which simulates the future working conditions of their innovations. Unlike an operational commercial greenhouse, our space requires far less extensive safety protocols against the large-scale spread of pests and diseases. It allows for safe and accessible pilot studies in a small-scale environment, before transitioning to real-world applications. The greenhouse also offers state-of-the art climate control and data collection equipment.

The AgriFood Greenhouse (Photograph: Renske van Ingen / RoboHouse)

The AgriFood Lab

Our AgriFood lab is a co-working space for any party interested in the development of AgriFood technology to meet, work, and test in. The lab contains specialized equipment and sensors for food processing trials, and is located amidst a range of startups with diverse specialized knowledge, fostering a collaborative and innovative environment.

The location of the AgriFood Lab in the RoboHouse building


We work together with various partners including NXTGEN Hightech, the TU Delft faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the AgTech Institute. These partners contribute by providing funding, sharing knowledge, and housing their projects in our facilities.


Working in an Innovation Hub

The AgriFood facilities not only provide the benefit of state-of-the-art equipment, but also the opportunity of working in an environment embedded into the TU Delft landscape, alongside other frontrunners of agricultural technology. The AgriFood community can accessibly share knowledge, connections, and technology to help each other thrive.

The facilities are open to a wide variety of users. Anyone with an interest in testing and developing technology in the agricultural sector is welcome!

Interested in using the AgriFood facilities?

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