RoboHouse is a network and a place where creators and end-users of cognitive robotics are collaborating to develop healthy and more productive relations between robots and workers. As a future of work fieldlab we strive to collaborate with the full spectrum of workers, companies and organisations of all stripes and sizes.

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We are a non-profit foundation established by the TU Delft Robotics Institute in 2015. Since then many cross-industry partners have joined our mission. Through their talent and commitment, RoboHouse is now a European leader of people-machine collaboration.

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Our shared mission is to develop healthy and productive relations between robots and workers

Partners provide products, investment and expertise to empower discovery and development in the community. They can also actively be part of learning in the community by either initiating their own courses or contributing to our existing courses. Products (hardware and software) may be loaned to the Test Centre, where entrepreneurs, students and our in-house engineers use them to develop and test new application and solutions. Get in involved.