During the Robotics minor of 2023-2024 seven enthusiastic student teams worked on a robotic prototype, commissioned by a company. Here’s a brief introduction of each team.

Team 1 AWR 

Autonomous Vanderlande Warehouse Robot

The Autonomous Vanderlande Warehouse Robot can autonomously (re)arrange warehouse structures using modular cells according to a desired configuration. It accomplishes this using a driving 2D gantry system and passive alignment systems on the robot and the cells.This project is commissioned by Vanderlande


Team 2 REBO


REBO is a mobile robot that can collect, crush, and refund the government deposit of beverage cans. It improves recycling efficiency while raising awareness of littering in nature.

This project is commissioned by Orange Rocket Investments.


Team 3 NEWT


Accura alleviates the heavy labour of lifting weights done by medical technicians. It has the ability to check scales with 16.6 grams of accuracy by putting a specific force on the scale via a lever mechanism.

This project is commissioned by Reinier de Graaf Ziekenhuis


Team 4 TechTrix

LPG Cylinder Handling Robot

The LPG cylinder handling robot replaces manual labor, reducing health and safety risks associated with lifting and transporting gas tanks. Operated by a human for steering, it utilizes LiDAR, emergency power, and sensors for safe interactions, and employs suction cups to handle cylinders efficiently in confined spaces.

This project is commissioned by SHV Energy.


Team 5 Spark

Low Voltage Group
Installation Robot

Team Spark’s robot automates Low Voltage (LV) group installations in electricity supply substations. The robot covers all torquing, attaching and securing steps of the installation enhancing efficiency and ensuring the safety of operators previously performing the task.

This project is commissioned by Alliander N.V.


Team 6 Self Cleaning Bed

Self Cleaning Bed

The self-cleaning bed autonomously cleans bed sheets in hotel beds. By flipping a pair of mattresses and cleaning the dirty mattress from beneath, hotel staff save time and effort cleaning rooms. 

This project is commissioned by Hotelschool The Hague.


Team 7 Hepta Robotics

Automated Mobile Charging Unit

AMCU, a cutting-edge charging robot designed for Sandvik to improve safety in the mine. It locates and navigates towards large battery sockets, seamlessly connecting with precision using a PC5 plug.

This project is commissioned by Sandvik Mining and Construction.

About the minor Robotics

The minor Robotics programme brings bachelor students from Delft University of Technology into contact with all aspects of developing real robots. They work in a multidisciplinary team for a project client and they develop their own robot according to their own market and application research. During the programme, the student teams are based in RoboHouse. On the 26th of January 2024, the seven student teams presented the results of the minor Robotics during Demo Day in RoboHouse.

Questions about these projects?

Contact minor Robotics coordinator