Hotelschool The Hague, TU Delft and RoboHouse join hands to experiment with ‘hospitality robotics’

The research revolves around interaction between people and robots. Experiments will be conducted on-site at Skotel, the education-and research centre of the Hotelschool in Scheveningen.


Question Everything. That’s How The Light Gets In.

Entertain yourself with this compilation of thought-provoking questions, sourced in London at the world's largest festival of philosophy and music. A heady report to open the innovative mind.


Delft DEMO: Does the robot do what it was designed for?

Here's a new vlog, by RoboHouse mainstay Luka Suurmond. She gets up-close. Does the robot do what it was designed for? See for yourself in Delft DEMO.


RoboHouse launches The Unforeseen Effects Dossier

RoboHouse has partnered with the School of Journalism of Hogeschool Utrecht to establish The Unforeseen Effects Dossier, an investigative journalism practice that uncovers and documents the unintended consequences of robotics in the workplace.


€1.5m for making enterprise in Zuid-Holland future proof

Future of work fieldlab RoboHouse will take the lead in project ‘Werk Werkt!’, a collaboration between corporations, knowledge institutes and SMEs, with special emphasis on ship-building, manufacturing and medical technology.


Shelf-stocking robot to explain its decisions

A supermarket is typically a place where unexpected things happen all the time. Not only are there thousands of products with different shapes and looks, there are also people walking in and out. How could a shelf-stocking robot handle this?


‘Just embrace the deep sea’ – two RoboHouse trainees reflect

A tight-knit duo from TU Delft's X!LEAD programme waves goodbye to RoboHouse, after a six month traineeship full of productive confrontation between visionary theory and practical reality. Here's our 5-question exit interview, with Maaz Khan and Giulia Bacchi.


Oncologists to reach prostate with robot

A student team in RoboHouse has invented a robot that may enable more precise treatment of prostate cancer. The team collaborated with Martijn de Vries, a PhD researcher at TU Delft specialised in developing minimally invasive instruments for tumor treatment.


Just us. 100% expert free

After two fully booked editions in July and September, Just us. is here to stay. Our new community event seems to strike a responsive chord. Casper van Eersel explains the enthusiasm for this low-key skills exchange at RoboHouse.


Space for Master, Minor and much more: RoboHouse opens EDUCATE

With robotics students ever more eager to engage in real-life workplace projects, September also marks the beginning of an era of even more space for talent in RoboHouse. The new EDUCATE wing just opened in our building. We spoke with the professor, community manager and TU Delft coordinator best placed to appreciate its value.


RoboCafé to discuss educational impact of student moonshots

Student moonshot projects often punch far above their weight in terms of learning, productivity and motivation. What explains their unique educational impact? RoboCafé lines-up two heavyweights to bring you the inside story.


Fieldwork produces modesty

In February we asked ‘How can robotics help Rob, the gas leak detector?’, when announcing our collaboration with Alliander about cognitive robotics and worker wellbeing. Today, we are able to share some tentative insights.

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