Showcase project

What a Bottle Picker Can Do

Heineken breweries have high speed bottling lines producing up to 60 thousand bottles per hour. Some bottles fall over, and some even break. A solution was not on the market and innovation programme SMITZ offered support. So Heineken, TNO and RoboHouse built a robotic bottle picker that works at high speeds and keeps operators safe.

Technology Exploration​

After defining your challenge more clearly during Discover sessions, you will now work with experts from different fields to explore and select robotic solutions. You will develop a first concept. This includes possible partners, budget and planning for Design & Basic Engineering and Realisation.

Design & Basic Engineering​

Generally preceded by Technology Exploration. Your concept is developed further, to prepare for construction of prototypes and proof of concepts. Digital animations of robotic applications may be made. Resulting in a budget and planning for the construction and initial testing of your robot.


After Design & Basic Engineering you will now be developing either a physical demonstrator of key technology or a full prototype of your robot. Additionally a testing program may be developed.


Testing can be conducted at RoboHouse or on location, either with our without active operator involvement.


RoboHouse helps you find start-ups, scale-ups, suppliers and partner companies with the capacity and passion to develop your prototype into a commercially viable product.

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